Bucky's Classroom visits Les Paul Middle School

Bucky’s Classroom Resources

Bucky’s Classroom offers resources to connect K – 8 students with the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Wisconsin Only:

Wisconsin teachers and educational leaders are welcome to request spirit items and educational materials to be sent to their classrooms. To request materials, please complete the form here.  For high school requests, please contact the Office of Admissions and Recruitment. Packages will be mailed within five business days, unless noted otherwise. A maximum of 50 items per request and a limit of one request per school year. Requests may be delayed during UW-Madison holidays and breaks (December, January and mid-March). Bucky’s Classroom materials are not intended for resale, fundraisers or auctions.

Outside of Wisconsin:

Check out the Bucky’s Classroom digital folder chock-full of fun, downloadable and printable items and information to share with K-8 students around the country. Click here to view downloadable and printable items.